Social Impact Tracker Launched

11 06 2008

How long do you spend writing your funder’s reports each quarter and at the end of each year? Wouldn’t you rather spend more time actually delivering your services to your clients?

What about measuring the impact you have on your clients? How easy do you find it to measure and report on your social impact?

As you know, here at The Tool Factory our aim is to make your lives easier. We spend our time developing tools and resources that help you do a great job in achieving your vision – and saving you time and money in the process.

That’s why we are really excited about our Social Impact Tracker tool – which we launched yesterday at Charity Fair.

Social Impact Tracker is the first monitoring database that measures your social impact. So not only does it keep track of everything your clients do and are involved in but it also creates funders report and reports on how well you’ve done at achieving your social aims – all at the touch of a button.

You enter your vision, mission, aims and objectives, decide on what you will monitor and what questions you will ask. Then over the year you enter your data as you would normally.

That’s when it gets interesting. Rather than spending time going through files trying to find all the relevant spreadsheets and reports to pull together for the funders … you just press the reporting button and the software does it all for you.

We think that’s worth a look. Check out our website at the end of the week for more information on how you can get a look.




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